(Lotus) Marketing 101

Bruce, Jess, Carl and Sean talk about:

  • Lotus Marketing
  • Twitter
  • Wolfmother
  • Epilio Jessie
  • Partnerworld – Where “Cash” is king
  • and much more

Episode 11 – (Lotus) Marketing 101


2 Responses to (Lotus) Marketing 101

  1. Bob Balaban says:

    Nice session on marketing. But holy crap! Yes, stuff is horrible, but imagine how you’d feel if you were a Rational (brand) partner/isv!

  2. Glen says:

    blurts that came up while listening to episode 11 …

    1) Sonos + Last.fm = shuffle for the new generation
    2) Twitter = still trying to find enough value
    3) your podcast = really needs a “live version” so we can chime it – you guys are so infectious and nearly command comment
    4) Lotus marketing = they’re losing presence and thus they are not even invited to the table when customers are considering social technology

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